Westbury Reserve

Westbury forest scene

Westbury forest scene

Westbury Reserve is 70 hectares of grassy woodland and eucalypt forest adjacent to Birralee Road. It was purchased for conservation in 1999 because of its natural values and it remains part of the National Reserve System.

On 18 June 2020 Premier Gutwein announced the government's intention to build the Northern Tasmanian high security prison on Westbury Reserve.

PLANS ABANDONED On 5 May 2022 the Tasmanian Government abandoned its plans to build a northern correctional facility at Brushy Rivulet Reserve (aka Westbury Reserve). They are now considering using the Ashley Youth Detention Centre for the facility.

Articles (pdf files)
    - No Prison!
    - Species List (Compiled in September 2020. For more comprehensive lists see excel files below.)
    - The bandicoot and the frog
    - Birds, lights and the northern prison site
    - Breaking things is easy; fixing them is hard
    - The Mysterious Masked Owl
    - Reclaim our Reserves (talk)
    - Westbury Reserve – a case for conservation (external link, p 5-7)
    - The Importance of Small Reserves

News items:
    - ABC video
    - Examiner

Media releases
    13 July 2020
    03 September 2020
    17 December 2020

Videos (16 MB each)
    Tas Devil 1 | Tas Devil 2 | Tas Devil 3
    Currawong preening using clay 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Flora & flora (spreadsheets in xlsx format)
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