Downloading files from Zoom H2

Turn your computer on

Plug in Zoom H2 to computer USB port via lead – (same lead as for digital cameras)

Press orange play button

If you have windows media player your computer screen will display Autoplay or similar and give a few options. (This may take a few moments to appear.) Choose:

Open the Device to view files (or similar)

There are numerous folders: 4CH, FOLDER01 – FOLDER10; SYS etc

The recordings you made will be in FOLDER01. Open that folder.

The Files you made are numbered from STE 000, STE 001 etc… They are .WAV files.

Make a folder on YOUR hard drive (called 'recordings' or similar) and copy the files from Folder01 to your folder. The files are large so this can take 10 – 20 minutes depending on the number of recordings.

Make a CD or DVD of .WAV files to post to me. .WAV files are DATA (not audio) files. They will not play if you put them in a CD player.
(If you would like to listen to the recordings burn an AUDIO CD.)

Once you have made a data disc and backed up the files you can delete the files.

Deleting the files from the zoom is much quicker and easier while the recorder is plugged in to the computer. To do this:

Highlight the files in FOLDER01. Right click mouse and press delete.

Do not delete the Folders themselves and especially not the system files.

ONLY DELETE THE FILES IN FOLDER01 and ONLY do it when you have made a backup CD/DVD.

Write location of recordings and date on the CD/DVD with a CD/DVD marker. Do NOT use biro.

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