Tasmanian Frog Calls


Frogs Tasmania CDRom
  1. Album Introduction
  2. The Small Frogs
  3. The Marsh Frogs
  4. The Tree Frogs
  5. Frog Species
  6. Introduction To Small Frogs
  7. Common Froglet (Crinia signifera) image link
  8. Tasmanian Froglet (Crinia tasmaniensis) image link
  9. Moss Froglet (Bryobatrachus nimbus)
  10. Smooth Frog (Geocrinia laevis) image link
  11. Southern Toadlet (Pseudophryne semimarmorata)
  12. Introduction To Marsh Frogs
  13. Spotted Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis)
  14. Striped Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes peroni)
  15. Banjo Frog (Limnodynastes dumerilii) image link | image link
  16. Introduction To Tree Frogs
  17. Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingi) image link | image
  18. Green And Golden Frog (Litoria raniformis) image
  19. Tasmanian Tree Frog (Litoria burrowsae)
  20. The Decline Of Frogs
  21. Frog Chorus 1
  22. Introduction To Frogs
  23. The Frog Growth Cycle
  24. Frog Care
  25. Tree Frog Descriptions
  26. Brown Tree Frog
  27. Burrows Tree Frog
  28. Green And Golden Frog
  29. Brown Froglet
  30. Tasmanian Froglet
  31. Marsh Frog Descriptions
  32. Bull Frog
  33. Spotted Marsh Frog
  34. Striped Marsh Frog
  35. Land Frog Descriptions
  36. Smooth Frog
  37. Southern Toadlet
  38. Moss Froglet
  39. Frog Chorus 2

The individual sound files above are available in a compressed file (21 MB).

All field recordings were made by Ron Nagorcka, the lone exception being that of the Moss Froglet which was made by Peter Brown.

Sound Engineering: Ron Nagorcka
Narration: Nick Cummmings
Mastering/CD Production: A & S Real-Time Recording
Script: Jim & Claudia Nelson, Paul Swiatkowski, Nick Cummings and Ron Nagorcka
Illustration (of CDRom): Leighton Lee
Web images provided by Sarah Lloyd

Copyright: The original CDRom was copyright 2003 of Central North Field Naturalists but the sound tracks are now (April 2020) released into the public domain.

Page URL: https://www.disjunctnaturalists.com/frogs/index.htm

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