CNFN walks and other events: February - March 2019

All walks begin at 10:00 am. Bring warm and waterproof clothes, hat, lunch, hand lens, notebook etc.

Sunday 24th February - Penguin Shelf
Meet at the Penguin Sea Scout Hall, Johnson's Beach Road, Penguin, next to the skate park at 9:50 am. Low tide is at 10:50 am. Please note that the rocks can be very slippery so wear safe footwear with good tread (which you don’t mind getting wet). Thongs are extremely inadvisable. Leader Rod McQueen

Sunday 3rd March – Ferndene State Reserve and Frenchs Road Nature Reserve
Meet at Ferndene Reserve, 116 Ironcliff Rd. at 10:00 am (6 km south of Penguin). From east or west take Bass Highway to the northern end of the Dial Range at Penguin. Exit the highway at South Road and continue south for 0.7 km, turn right into Sports Complex Avenue and follow for a kilometre to its junction with Ironcliff Road, turn left and follow Ironcliff Road to the carpark at Ferndene Reserve. Leader Richard Donaghey.
For the past 18 years Richard Donaghey has been studying the life histories of robins in Australia and Papua New Guinea. In spring 2018 Richard has been unravelling the breeding behaviour of Pink Robins by watching nests at Ferndene SR and FRNR. This walk provides an opportunity to learn where they nest, what type of nest they build and what are the roles of the male and female Pink Robins in incubation and care of the young. Ferndene is wet eucalypt forest with lots of different fern species and some special birds including the Beautiful Firetail, Bassian Thrush and Scrubtit. FRNR is also wet forest with White Goshawk, Satin Flycatcher and Olive Whistler.

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