Why 'disjunct'

Disjunct is a term in biology used to describe geographically separated populations of the same species. It also describes the Central North Field Naturalists, centred somewhere vaguely to the west of Launceston in northern Tasmania but with members scattered all over Tasmania, the Australian mainland, not to mention the USA and Norway.

Our more distant members support our efforts to explore, document, better understand and protect Tasmania's natural world. Local members often drive considerable distances to attend our monthly walks. All members appreciate receiving a hard copy of the colourful and entertaining "The Natural News" 3 times a year.

Engaeus disjunctus

In Northern Tasmania there is a small freshwater crayfish called Engaeus disjuncticus whose occurrence has been confirmed from the disjunct locations of Holwell, Weetah, Birralee, Granville Harbour and Burnie. The species was described in 1981 and speculation continues about the reason for its distribution. How long has this been so? Is it a result of evolutionary processes or loss of habitat since European settlement?

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